How to start SEO Company, with No Skill and No Experience

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How to start an SEO Company?

Know the secrete- How to start SEO Business with No Skill and No Experience. You also can use this technique for your own website.

Welcome and thanks for visiting my article about Digital Entrepreneurship: How to start an SEO company. This is Lion Mustak. I am a Digital Entrepreneurship Consultant and International Trainer. Now I am here to help you to make Digital Entrepreneurship on SEO. In this article I am showing you- How to start an SEO Business with no skill and no experience. SEO is a long time mater issues. 

I have invested 24 months for learning my web development and SEO courses. 2011, I was also invested time for SEO learning. All the courses are a long time-consuming process. After learning SEO I was afraid of this matter and I just skipped this. I decided SEO is not for me. 

Finally, I have found 3 tools on Search Engine Optimization which help to make successfully my SEO Company. These tools are completely Done For You (DFY) system to make SEO friendly sites, Using those tools you can make an SEO company without prior knowledge and experience. Similarly, you can do SEO of your site also. Just use the tools and be a hero in this wide range of sector. 

Find great tools of Digital Entrepreneurship and know the secrete:

How to start an SEO company:

  1. WP SEO Gold
  2. SEO XBusiness-Commercial
  3. One Stop SEO- Commercial

All of the tools are beginner friendly. Visiting the short video you can realize and do all the task for search engine optimization.

Here I am explaining all the tools:

WP SEO Gold:

WP SEO Gold is supper power tools for making fast SEO in any web page or post. This is especially for WordPress sites. Just install the plugin in your wp site. After installing this plugin when you make a post in your site then your site show you search engine optimization rank and automatically do all the SEO tasks.

If you facing any problem to the demo Video then you can go directly here:


SEO XBusiness- Commercial:

SEO XBusiness- Commercial is cloud-based software that gives all the SEO action plan and reports for doing search engine optimization. After getting the report and then just copy-paste the SEO task. I was astonished when the first time I have seen the SEO formula of this software. Only 9 minutes of videos for complete search engine optimization tasks. This is usable for all website platform. It has a commercial license also. Using the commercial license and features you can make SEO Business Agency without knowledge and experience.

Now see the video here:   

If you facing the problem with the demo

Video then you can go directly here::

One-Stop SEO:

One-Stop SEO- Commercial is full of 64 search engine optimization tools in one platform which never found it before. Using this software you do all the SEO tasks like- SEO audit, content re-writing, content spinning, backlinks generate, keyword research, plagiarism checking, article density checking, keyword density analyzing and all other SEO tasks. You will find everything in the demo. 

Let’s see the demo:

If you facing problem to the Demo Video then you can go directly the demo Video link:

Some other important matters for Search Engine Optimization: 

SEO Friendly Headline:

The headline must be in 60-65 characters. DA under 20 and PA under 20. The highest level of backlinks which should be under 100.

DA, PA and Back-links analysis tool:

For DA PA and Back-links analysis, you can install Mozbar extension in your browser, Chrome browser is better. You can see the activities of Mozbar in the following image:

Image Optimization:

Follow the steps to optimize images for SEO:

  • Select the right image
  • Scale the image
  • Optimize image size
    • Image filename
  • Alt text

Image Scale:

First, collect or make an appropriate image for your post. Appropriate means which image is the best related to your content. After selecting an image, you need to scale the image. There are many free tools on the web for making scale the image or images. You can use the following image scaling tool:

Now follow the step by step guide to scale image:

  1. Open the image scaling tool:
  2. Click the upload button and upload your image
  3. Click to Scale Image
  4. Change the hight and wide value as per your content area size
  5. Click to Apply Scaling button, image scaling will be completed automatically
  6. Now Save (File – Save as)

Image Resize:

Size should be below 100 kb. For image resize, follow the step by step guide-

  1. Go to the image optimization link-
  2. Select medium or low
  3. Choose JPG format, by default it can be png. If you create png formatted image then that could not be SEO friendly optimized.  

Follow the guideline which is showing in the image:

Image uniqueness check:

For image uniqueness check, just follow the steps-

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Upload your image
  3. Wait for loading time
  4. Place mouse pointer on the image
  5. Confirm there is shown-  “No other sizes of this image found.”

Advanced Image Optimization inside the WordPress For SEO:

How To Change Image Dimensions On Your Blog-

Image SEO optimization:  

For image optimize, follow the step by step guide-

  1. Go-to image properties
  2. Make sure the image name is available at the general menu, It should be your main keyword. If not available then place SEO friendly keyword there.
  3. Go-to detail menu
  4. Title- Give the title which will be also your main keyword
  5. Subject- The subject should be the same as the keyword
  6. Rating- Make sure rating is five stars rated
  7. Tags- Place all necessary tags with a comma (,) after every tag. Examples: How to start an SEO company, digital marketing, search engine marketing, marketing, SEO marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, inbound marketing, how to start your own SEO agency, SEO agency, how to start your own business, starting a business, setting up a business, how to start a small business, starting your own business, how to start a business, start your own business, business, SEO company, how to start your own company, SEO consultant, SEO services, SEO, search engine optimization, link building, entrepreneur, agency SEO, startup entrepreneurs, SEO services agency, SEO consulting services, organic SEO agency, white hat SEO agency, entrepreneurship, starting an SEO agency, how to run an SEO firm, how to do SEO and work from home, start a work from home business, how to make 3000 in a month UK, SEO business guide, search engine optimization business.

The tag should be SEO friendly. You can create tag as per your knowledge and expertise. Or you can easily create all the tags using the simple software: SEO Xbusiness.  You can also visit my other article about SEO Xbusiness Review, Bonus and Demo.

  • Comments: Make-sure suitable comment about image or you can use all the tags on the comment section
  • Authors:  Write your name which you want to rank as SEO. It can be your name or website address
  • Date: Place current date
  • Copyright: You can place your copyright information or you can use your web address

Then apply and ok, Now your Image optimization is completed.

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