19 Best Top PowerPoint Templates For Digital Entrepreneur, Professional Presenter, Trainer and Motivation Speaker


Best Top PowerPoint Templates For Digital Entrepreneur, Professional Presenter, Trainer and Motivation Specker:

What is PowerPoint:

PowerPoint is a slideshow based software package for creating any electronic presentation program. This software helps to create consistency based series pages or slides. It is also helped for creating, collaborating and presenting any kind of your ideas into a visual and dynamic presentation. This software is created and designed by Bill Gates company Microsoft. This is part of the Microsoft Office suite of tools.

What is Powerpoint Templates:

PowerPoint templates are the pre-designed ready to use package for making any stunning professional presentation. Templates help you to make branded slides. Templates also help to save your time. There are two types of templates- free and premium.

PowerPoint Templates for:

Premium Powerpoint templates especially for the professionals (Trainers, motivational speakers, teachers, students etc.) who want to make any professional presentation, training and motivational program slides.

Find your desired premium PowerPoint templates from the 19 Best Top PowerPoint Templates bellow:

——- 1 ——–

Present Kits V2:

Present Kits V2 is a DFY all-in-one bundle of powerpoint elements  with 800+ presentation slides.

Demo Video:

Price: $19.47

Source link: https://jvz8.com/c/1014905/310329

……… 2 ……..

Presentation Warrior- Professional Presentation Slides:

Presentation Warrior is a professional presentation slide templates with 600+ animated slides. All slides are 16:9 HD widescreen format.

Here also includes five bonuses powerpoint templates which for:

  1. Video Promo,
  2. 300 logos
  3. Web button collections
  4. Brochures
  5. Business card  

Price: $22.95 (65% price increasing possibility)  

Source Link:


……… 3 ………..

Smart Slide Template Pro:

Smart Slide Pro is a bundle of modern templates for creating professional slide design. This package includes 810 professional slides design in 40 categories.

Licence: Personal use only. It has another upsell version for developer rights named-   Smart Slide Pro 1.0 Deluxe.

Price: $22.83 (60% price increasing possibility).

Source URL:     https://jvz1.com/c/1014905/323075


Smart Slide Pro 1.0 Deluxe:

Smart Slide Pro 1.0 is a deluxe mega pack with developer rights and mega bonuses.

Price: $37

Source link: https://jvz6.com/c/1014905/323545

…….. 5 ….……

Super Power PPT Lifetime Membership:

Super Power PPT Lifetime  Membership is a lifetime  membership platform for all-in-one ppt solutions where includes- slides, templates, video ads design and many more.

Source: https://jvz1.com/c/1014905/185425

Price: $199.95

……… 6 ….……

Super Power PPT Monthly Membership:

Super Power PPT Monthly Membership is a monthly membership platform for ppt assets with slides, templates, video ads and many more.    

Price: $27



——– 7 ———

Big Slide:

Big Slide is a powerpoint template bundle with over 1000 animated slides in 50 ➕ modules. All are glorious colorful design templates for creating animated powerpoint presentation, video presentations, webinar presentations, company profiles, project profiles, sales presentations and many more.         

Price: $28.27

Source URL:  https://jvz1.com/c/1014905/327411

……….. 8 ….…….

Pixel Slides- Elite Style Presentation Design :

Pixel Slides- Elite style presentation design is a bundle of professional high quality powerpoint presentation   templates ➕ commercial licence. This package includes 10 module of presentations with 600+ animated slides which covered multi businesses. Each of the template has 30 slides or more with 2 colors. This package allows personal and commercial rights as your choice.    

*** ➕ 8 Corporate Cinema styled pro video templates for Board of Director Presentation, celebrity presentation, about us, company profile, real estate project etc.      

Price: $24 (Personal Licence) & $29 (Commercial Licence)

Source Link:


……… 9 ……….

Pixel Slides- V.1 (8 in 1 Product Bundle):

Pixel Slides- V.1 (8 in 1 Product Bundle) is a bundle with 8 Done-For-You products packages which are ready to sale with developer licence .    

Price: $67

Source Link:


…………10 …………..

Pixel Slides- V.1 (Platinum):

Pixel Slides- V.1 is an upsell package of pixel slides basic version. With this version you will get 20 extra presentation templates ➕ developer rights for creating client projects.

Price: $42.47

Source Link:


———– 11———–

PowerPoint Facebook Cover:

30 Facebook cover temples which you can edit and export with PowerPoint. All templates are  Done-For-You ready to go use.

Price: $17

Source Link: https://jvz7.com/c/1014905/326531

———- 12 ———–

50 EBook Cover Template:

50 E-Book cover PowerPoint  templates which you can edit and export with PowerPoint. All templates are  Done-For-You ready to go use.

Price: $22

Source Link:


————13 ————

70 PowerPoint EBook Covers Template:

70 E-Book cover PowerPoint  templates which you can edit and export with PowerPoint. All templates are  Done-For-You ready to go use.

Price: $27

Source Link:


———— 14 ————–

PowerPoint ECover Empire:

30 E-Book cover PowerPoint  templates which you can edit and export with PowerPoint. All templates are  Done-For-You ready to go use.

Price: $9

Source Link:


———— 15 ————

PicAds Pro:

PicAds Pro is PowerPoint templates for creating stunning e-commerce ads which are images and video versions. This bundle includes 1000+ templates.

Licence: Personal Only

Price: $25.45

Source Link:        


————- 16 —————

PicAds Pro Platinum (Discount):

This is an upsell package of PicAds Pro. Here included  Developer licence and extra Stunning 1500+ e-commerce video ads template with limited time big discounted price.

Price: $27

Source Link:    https://jvz3.com/c/1014905/325934

——— 17 ———

Massive Real Estate Video Library:

Massive Real Estate Video Library is a collection of 750+  real estate video animation bundle. You can create custom videos using those animate clips with various video creating and editing softwares like- VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, Camtasia, Video Lab, Screenflow, Easy and PowerPoint.

Price: $97

Source link:


———- 18 ————-

Best Top PowerPoint Templates For Digital Entrepreneurship:

Real Estate Marketing Kit

Real Estate Marketing Kit is a bundle of real estate property showcasing PowerPoint video templates and professional promo video for how to sell your video services. This package includes 6 professional high quality HD video templates and 2 promo videos- one is male  voice and another is female voice.

Licence: Developer Licence

Price: $17

Source Link:


———- 19 ———–

Real Estate Video Template Pack:

Real Estate Video Template Pack is a bundle of 7 PowerPoint real estate video templates. You can easily create real estate project videos with these template  for listing and showcasing your property using PowerPoint. You also create property video for your clients who are property company or agent  and charge them $200+ for a single video.

Licence: Developer Licence

Price: $17

Source Link:             https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/b4h2p/0

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